2022 CityHeART Impact Report

It’s no longer shocking to us at CityHeART to start a new year thinking, ‘Wow, last year was a whirlwind!’ We land there every year, and so now we have come to expect it, and 2022 was no different.

We spent last year focusing on building our infrastructure, developing a more sustainable model, and defining much more clearly who we are and what we do. And we made a pretty big difference in the lives of the Veterans, seniors, men, women, and families with children we served out of the Resource Hub at the same time.

The report below outlines more specifically the impact we made in the lives of the guests we supported at the Resource Hub and the impact we made across the community through our storytelling work.

In addition to the quantitative data below, we would also like to report more qualitatively that in 2022, we accomplished a few key goals:

  • We began the process of consolidating each of our programs and projects in order to better sustain our efforts and also to approach the community much more cohesively.
  • CityHeART’s Resource Hub became more widely known in the community and to guests as a safe place to access resources, engage with peers, and build a network of support.
  • For the first time since we began in 2016, we have full-time staffing at CityHeART to run the Resource Hub, fundraise, and manage the organization’s operations.
  • We spent intentional time renewing and realigning our efforts with CityHeART’s two founding principles, which together shape our mission:
    • The sharing of true stories, whether they be stories about community issues or lived experiences of one individual, can inspire, encourage, empower, and ultimately heal
    • “Relationships are the agents of change, and the most powerful therapy is human love.” (Dr. Bruce Perry)

wholeheARTedly loving our city and telling its stories since 2016.