Long Beach Launches Mental Health Matters Campaign

Take a second and ask yourself, how are you feeling today?

Being honest about how you feel physically and mentally is the first step to encourage  community-wide discussions about mental health. 

As part of the Mental Health Matters campaign, the City of Long Beach launched a Mental Health Resources website last month. The campaign included the first ever Mental Health Resources fair, which took place Nov 19 at Admiral Kidd Park and was supported by the Health Department. Alongside the resource fair, the new website is equipped with valuable mental health resources and information about local institutions. 

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, rates of depression, anxiety, and related mental illness rates have spiked nationwide.  In order to combat this, the Long Beach based website promotes mental health awareness and empowerment for  community members.

The website provides a Mental Health Toolkit that:

  • Educates others on how different mental illnesses may display differently within individuals, 
  • shares information about available resources and behavioral health care in Long Beach, 
  • and provides guidance about how to talk to someone who may be struggling with mental health or who is trying to obtain support. 

In addition to promoting mental health resources, the website further encourages a Mental Health Champion pledge to be taken by Long Beach community members, local educational institutions, and businesses or other organizations interested in promoting environments supporting mental health. By taking the pledge, window decals and flyers  will be sent to organizations and businesses for the purpose of displaying. In order to empower individuals and businesses to actively create safe spaces for mental health discussions and support. 

We all play an important role in creating a community that encourages safe spaces to discuss mental health and offer support to those in need. 

So ask yourself, how are you feeling today? 

Click here to learn more.

By Sinai Miranda, CityHeART Art from Ashes Creative Intern

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