Soul…Get Some!!!

The Long Beach Soul Collective

by Chadwick Bishop

With so much talent in the LBC, there’s an emerging crew on the rise. They are affectionately known as the Long Beach Soul Collective (LBSC). This diverse cast of characters includes some of the city’s most dynamic poets, painters, musicians, and creative spirits. Each expressionist can be seen or heard performing on a nightly basis at any one of the city’s supportive local establishments. 

It’s LBSC’s distinct mission to spread love, awareness, and soulful vibes from Shoreline Village all the way up to North Long Beach. This bubbling, brewing new movement is ready to explode in the city by the sea. I encourage you to familiarize yourself with these cats and to keep your eyes, ears, and hearts open for the Long Beach Soul Collective explosion. 

Plans are in place to assemble these artists and their associates under one roof. Is there a building big enough to hold so much soul? What venue is bold enough to take on such an extravaganza? Let’s find out! 

Allow me to introduce you to some of the LBSC leaders. Check ‘em out on Instagram!:

Stay tuned!

Photos courtesy of Chadwick Bishop

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