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Art from Ashes Creative Internship Opportunities

If you are looking for an opportunity to develop your creative portfolio AND make a meaningful impact in the Long Beach community, consider submitting an application for CityHeART’s AFA Creative Internship.

About: CityHeART serves Veterans, seniors, and families with children by providing supplemental case management and care coordination for housing and homeless services agencies in Long Beach. CityHeART also tells true stories to raise awareness and promote meaningful impacts in our community. 

Art from Ashes Creative Intern 


The Art from Ashes Creative Internship position includes learning about issues impacting the community and multimedia, non-fiction storytelling for the Art from Ashes Magazine. Interns create a multimedia portfolio over the course of their internship, and participate in a final showcase event where their work is displayed for the local community. This position is ideal for students studying art, journalism, marketing, communications, music, creative writing, video production, or graphic design.


This position requires beat coverage of one local community category selected from the following list: (intern will take sole responsibility for coverage of their category and will determine how broad or how narrow the focus will be for the entire internship)

  • mental health
  • Veterans
  • BIPOC 
  • homelessness
  • environmental health
  • food security
  • housing and/or housing security
  • seniors
  • at-risk youth
  • art event coverage, reviews
  • women
  • current events

Interns in this position are responsible for contributing weekly content to CityHeART’s online publication and for contributing one long-form piece of content to the monthly printed edition. Interns will participate in weekly production meetings where content is reviewed for revision before publication. All interns will showcase their work in an Art from Ashes Showcase and will contribute one signature multimedia package for this event. 

Essential Functions

  1. Complete CityHeART orientation and Art from Ashes content training
  2. Cover a community beat for between 16-32 weeks
  3. Research topics and conduct interviews related to the topics
  4. Meet publication submission deadlines
  5. Participate in Art from Ashes Showcase


  1. Communication proficiency: must have strong verbal and written (grammar) communication skills
  2. Word Processing: Google Drive

Preferred Experience

  • At least one internship or previous work experience in an art studio, online publication, or magazine/news publication setting preferred
  • Competency in at least one multimedia area (photography, videography, visual art, graphic design, podcasting, etc.) preferred
  • Competency in language other than English
  • Comfortability with website and social media navigation preferred

Interested applicants should email a resume and cover letter to artfromashes@ourcityheart.org

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