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HeART of the City: The Journey Is Yours

by Art from Ashes Team

CityHeART wholeheARTedly celebrated Judy Seal, Frank McIlquham, and The Rock Club: Music Is the Remedy on Thursday at the 5th Annual HeART of the City Awards night!

The evening was filled with love, joy, and lots of laughter.

CityHeART landed on the theme ‘The Journey Is Yours’ for the night in recognition of the community members who have persevered and not just survived, but truly thrived, amidst all the challenges of the couple of years.

CityHeART HeART of the City Awardees include:

  • Giovanna Ferraro, 2017
  • Ann Welman, 2018
  • Richard Shimizu, 2019
  • Jaylene Westfall, 2020
  • Judy Seal, 2022
  • Frank McIlquham, 2022

In addition to presenting awards, CityHeART launched its brand new magazine, Art from Ashes. All HeART of the City awardees are featured in this first edition of the magazine as well as several local artists and non-profit organizations.

The Rock Club: Music Is the Remedy received the first CityHeART Art from Ashes award as the final portion of the evening.

Art from Ashes is about resilience, redemption, and shining a spotlight on stories that serve the community while providing a platform for love and service,” CityHeART Art Director and Co-Founder Izzy Matos said.

Immediately following the release of the printed Spring 2022 edition of the magazine, the digital Summer 2022 edition will rollout this month with the release of When Physical Canes Become Mental Chains, an audio series by Rachel Livinal.

The Fall 2022 printed magazine is scheduled to be released in September.

HUGE thank you to the following for sponsoring the event, showering our honorees with accolades, and for showing all the way up for the celebration!

  • Vice Mayor Rex Richardson
  • Councilwoman Suzie Price
  • Councilwoman Cindy Allen
  • Herlinda Chico, Office of Supervisor Janice Hahn
  • Shane Weaver, Office of Assemblymember Patrick O’Donnell
  • Century Villages at Cabrillo
  • Bixby Knolls Business Improvement Association
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