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Summer is in full bloom at The CityHeART Hub

By Art from Ashes Team

So far, summer is treating us well at The Hub. We have a variety of tomatoes, squash, watermelon, and even jalapeño growing in our backyard garden, and that’s all thanks to an incredible volunteer and Veteran named Kevin. Just a few months ago, our garden was bare, and the grass in our backyard was short and fading. Kevin stepped in, and today, the grass is thick and bright green, and the garden is full of plenty of home-grown produce that we cannot wait to harvest. 

Kevin likes to joke when asked about the work he’s doing. 

“I keep coming to CityHeART,” he’ll say. “Because the grass literally keeps getting greener and greener on our side of the fence!” 

This morning, he took it a step further when the weekly Tuesday Music/Art meeting moved outside, and he asked if he could turn their acrylic paintings into watercolors with the quick turn of the sprinklers! We have fun 🙂

Kevin is one of the many great volunteers bringing CityHeART’s mission and vision to life on a regular basis. Are you interested in joining the team or learning more about all the volunteer opportunities? Check out our newly launched calendar where you can view everything we have coming up and sign up all in one place!

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