Ep. 5 | Shooting’ the Breeze with the EACLB

by Sue Gauthier-Pin & Kris Starnes, Expressive Arts Collective LB

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In this episode, licensed marriage and family therapists Sue Gauthier-Pin and Krist Starnes from Expressive Arts Collective discuss dream analysis.

They dive into the similarities and differences of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jyung’s views on dream analysis. They also discuss the meaning of collective consciousness and how different cultures around the globe all acknowledge the same archetypes. 

“When we start to do dream work and look at the associations to these things that seem random, the archetypes that go with them, and then how you create meaning from that, suddenly you can have a big ‘Ah-Ha,’” Gauthier-Pin said. “You might write it off as just a silly dream, but it actually might have some really powerful underlying meaning.”

Throughout the episode Gauthier-Pin and Starnes share personal experiences and realizations they’ve encountered through their own dream analysis. 

“You’ll know when you hit the meaning,” Starnes said. “You’ll feel it.”

“You’ll totally feel it. You might break out into tears when it happens.”

— Sue Gauthier-Pin, LMFT & Expressive Arts Collective of Long Beach Founder

They explained how through dream analysis, you can arrive at conclusions that your conscious mind alone may not have.

“You do have information inside of you and around you that you are not privy to, aware of, or have access to at this time, all the time, or sometimes,” Starnes said. “There’s so much accessible healing around us, and it is also completely normal and understandable that it’s hard to notice and acknowledge and feel that.”

This episode aired live on CityHeART Radio on July 26 at 10:30am.

Written & Produced by Art from Ashes Creative Intern Kacy McGonegle

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