Meet, Patrick!

Hello everyone, my name is Patrick Elia. Three years ago, I embarked on a transformative journey, relocating to the States. This year marks another milestone for me as I graduate with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. What drives me in this field is my innate passion for assisting others in therapeutic settings. I truly believe that listening is an art, and I take pride in being an avid listener to people’s problems and stories. To me, every challenge has a resolution, and there’s nothing more fulfilling than discovering that resolution alongside those seeking help.My aspirations lead me towards specializing in clinical neuropsychology, with a particular focus on assisting individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia. The intricate workings of the human mind, especially in such conditions, have always fascinated me. This is why I’m absolutely thrilled to begin my journey at CityHeart. The institution represents everything I envision for my career. Even in my initial days here, I’ve been inspired by the incredible individuals I’ve met and the heart-touching narratives they’ve shared. If these early experiences are any indication, I’m looking forward to the wonders this year will bring. When I’m not geeking out over psychology or having heart-to-hearts, you might find me in the kitchen trying my hand at some wild culinary concoctions. Think of it as my own little “Iron Chef” challenge – merging dishes to create something epic. Just for the record, I’m proud to report a zero-food poisoning statistic!

By Patrick Elia, CityHeART YouConnect Intern

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