Meet Susie! :)

Hi there! I am Susie Musselman, and I am delighted to be here at CityHeART. I am a student at CSUDH starting my senior year as a human services major with a mental health recovery concentration, and I will graduate Spring 2023 with a Bachelor’s degree. This will be my second internship in the course, and I am excited to see what opportunities await as I work with an amazing group of people. It is clear to me that I am supposed to be here, as some interesting “coincidences” led me directly to this organization. 

I have my associate degrees in drug and alcohol counseling and currently work at an inpatient facility. Throughout my education, I have been blessed to meet awesome people who are passionate about the important work that they do. I have assisted various populations of people including those with chronic and devastating mental illnesses, pregnant women and children with DCFS cases, and I am currently following legislation aimed at criminal justice reform. 

I am a 5th generation Long Beach native and love my city’s areas, people, cultures, and sights. I am 54 years old and have seen Long Beach struggle and succeed many times in its history. In fact, Long Beach has pioneered ideas, worked out many problems, overcome obstacles, and embraced a rich diversity that is recognized worldwide. I take pride in our city.

I am inspired to serving here at CityHeART.

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