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HeARTy Foods Garden Blooming in our Backyard!

Looking for a fun, relaxing way to give back this fall? Consider joining Julie in our backyard to bring fresh produce to families, children, seniors, and Veterans! We are looking for helping hands to water the garden throughout the week and to teach guests at the Resource Hub about the importance and value of growing your own fruits and vegetables.

Our location in West Long Beach is what we call a “food desert” in that the nearest grocery store or market to access fresh foods is a significant ways a way, which makes it all the mor important that we provide other sources much closer to home.

We are currently growing a small variety of greens and herbs, and we look forward to spring, when we will be installing a butterfly learning center as part of the HeARTy Foods Garden!


  1. Hi I don’t know that I am reaching the right group, however I am hoping it is or you might be able to direct me in their direction. I use to volunteer with a NON-PROFIT that went out to individuals houses and harvest all soart’s of fruits from their back yards and they would donate to shelters. I will be traveling back home for thanksgiving and would LOVE to be able to go harvest with them if possible. If you happen to have any leads on then I would be over the moon appreciative. I have been searching for them on FB, all my old emails from 5 years ago I saved and I have not been successful. If I May bother you for any information you can or cannot share I would appreciate it. I apologize for inconveniencing you.
    Star Vargas
    Thank you

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