Meet Kacy, Art from Ashes Creative Intern

by Kacy McGonegle, Art from Ashes Creative Intern

My name is Kacy Lee McGonegle. I’m currently finishing up my bachelor’s degree in Journalism at California State University Long Beach. I transferred into Long Beach State in Fall 2021 from Santa Monica College. At Santa Monica College, I received three associate degrees in Journalism, Arts and Humanities, and Social and Behavioral Science. I’ve always been passionate about art as well as helping my community, so when I came across the Arts from Ashes program, I was ecstatic for the opportunity to join the lovely team here as a Creative Intern since their values parallel mine. 

I am a feminist and a member of the LGBTQ+ community. I am also a strong advocate for mental health awareness as well as supporting unhoused residents in any way I can. With a deep appreciation for the power of art in storytelling, I have a lot of respect for the Art from Ashes program’s impact on the community by providing a platform for expression and healing.

Although I’m not a Long Beach local, I find the sense of pride and unity in the Long Beach community so heartwarming and inspiring.

— Kacy McGonegle, Art from Ashes Creative Intern

In addition to getting to know this community better, I look forward to utilizing my creativity and storytelling skills to contribute to such a great cause!

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