Shootin’ the Breeze with the LB Expressive Arts Collective | Ep.3

Hosted by Sue Gauthier-Pin and Kristian Starnes

Production & Brief by Kacy Mcgonegle, CityHeART’s Art from Ashes Creative Intern

In this episode, licensed marriage and family therapists Sue Gauthier-Pin and Kristi Starnes from Expressive Arts Collective invite recent CSU Long Beach graduate and filmmaker Tatianna Navarette to discuss the inspiration behind her new film, Born This Way

They discuss the struggles and triumphs of growing up as members of the LGBTQ+ community in religious environments. Navarette provides a detailed account of her experience at the christian summer camp where she found the inspiration for her film. 

“My whole life it’s been a struggle being christian, being LGTBQ. It’s just been this paradox of sort. I knew that by telling this story it could help so many people.”

—Tatiana Navarrette

Navarette shares the story of the crippling fear she felt prior to coming out to her peers at the christian summer camp. 

“I had that paralyzing realization that I can’t be myself, I can’t tell people that I have a girlfriend, I can’t dress the way I wanna dress or style my hair the way I wanna style it… everything. Even in just the way I talk or move or walk, my presence in a room, I felt like I completely just had to be quiet, be not heard and just hide.”

Although Navarette was skeptical at first, she ultimately decided to be open about her sexuality with her peers at the camp. She was relieved to be met with acceptance. 

“People have asked me ‘why do you even go to church if it’s hurt you so bad? Why would you even do that?’ and for me it’s the hope,” said Navarette. “I don’t think I’d even be here or have interest in living in this world if I didn’t have hope that there’s something good in it.”

The full episode is available above at the playback, have a listen!

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Find more about Tatiana Navarrette and her film on Instagram @Tatiana_Films

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