Hello, my name is Karizzma!

My pronouns are (She/They), and I come from an Afro-Chicano background as a first-gen college student. I am currently a psychology major and in my senior year at CSULB. Although I was raised in San Francisco, I have lived up and down California while falling in love with SoCal in particular. 

The welcoming and laidback energy in Long Beach has attracted me to want to contribute more to the local community here, and so I am excited to be working as an intern with CityHeART. Initially, I was interested in working with CityHeART due to the holistic nature of the care they provide the guests of the Resource Hub. My appreciation for the mission of CityHeART has grown exponentially after meeting with the team that makes this grassroots organization impact so many lives. I am ready to apply myself to make a fraction of the meaningful impact CityHeART has on the community. 

In the recent past, I have worked with a nonprofit organization that raised funds for LGBTQ+ incarcerated artists with art and hygiene supplies. Additional community work I have contributed to include running wellness and mindfulness workshops, art workshops, supporting food bank services, and assisting leaders in after school and summer programs. My passions outside of psychology and community engagement explore my more creative side as I am a digital artist in my free time and have an arts background in making flyers, documentary-style interviewing, and general video production processes. I am looking forward to becoming a source of support for the community of Long Beach and beyond as my academic and professional career develops.

By Karizzma Torres, CityHeART Intern

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