Stress Is Scary, Arts & Crafts Can Help!

“I was reminded of my inner child that I had left buried under my adult responsibilities.”

Serenity Dumler-Beecher, CityHeART Art from Ashes Creative Intern

Every Wednesday for the month of October from 12:30 to 1:30pm, CityHeART interns Izzy and student volunteer Sarah, are hosting a fun social hour of arts and crafts activities! The event is hosted in the backyard of CityHeART’s Resource Hub.

Recently I have been feeling a little stressed out with deadlines, so I decided to take part in the arts and crafts activities at The Hub this week. We spent the hour making crafts such as Halloween-themed chain links,

and spooky faces on popsicle sticks.

Throughout the event, we talked about plans for Halloween, what costumes we plan to wear, and what scary movies we were watching this month all while listening to music. Participating in these activities was both fun and therapeutic for me. They helped me to let go of my stress and focus on the art in front of me. Although my art skills can be quite lacking, everyone there was very encouraging and appreciative of my contributions. 

Overall, it was a nice little getaway from daily stress that helped to foster a sense companionship. And I think everyone can benefit from an hour of crafty fun! 

So come and join next week’s arts and craft activities! Everyone is welcome! Izzy and Sarah will be helping participants create ghosts and sugar skulls–for Dia de Los Muertos–using cotton balls to make them colorful. Don’t miss out!

Written by Art from Ashes Creative Intern, Serenity Dumler-Beecher

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